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Alternative Name

Belgian Malinois, Chien de Berger, Belge Mechelse, Pastor Belga Malinois (Bred in Malines)

Basic Information

The Belgian Shepherd Dog Malinois, a distinguished member of the Belgian Shepherds, represents a medium-sized, hard-working canine with square proportions, characteristic of the sheepdog family. Recognizable by its short brown and yellow coat, complemented by distinctive black ears, cheeks, and muzzle, the Malinois is a versatile and intelligent breed. The appearance of Malinois can vary, with fawn-coated individuals often displaying white patches on the paws and chest, distinguishing them from their darker counterparts. In terms of size, females typically average 55-65 lb, while males are larger at 65-75 lb. Malinois can exhibit a range of builds, from stocky to slender, while maintaining a square stature.


While less popular than the similar German Shepherd, the Malinois has been spared the negative effects of overbreeding in puppy mills. However, like many large breeds, hip dysplasia is a prevalent genetic disorder that responsible breeders work to manage.




The Belgian Shepherd Dog Malinois has gained recognition in the United States, Germany, and other European countries as a working dog with a focus on protection, bomb and drug detection, and police work. This breed's agility, intelligence, and ability to learn quickly make it an ideal choice for these roles. Proper training from an early age is crucial, and the Malinois requires an experienced dog owner due to its size, aggressiveness, and intense "prey drive."

In police forces, the Malinois has become the preferred choice over other breeds due to its unmatched toughness and focus. However, it's essential to note that this breed is not recommended for inexperienced or average dog owners. The Malinois thrives under the guidance of experienced handlers who understand its needs and can harness its exceptional abilities effectively.