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Alternative Name

Rothbury Terrier (The Lamb-like Dog)

Basic Information

The Bedlington Terrier, named after the mining town of Bedlington in Northumberland, England, is a unique breed often likened to a lamb on a leash. Known for its linty-textured, non-shedding coat, the Bedlington is born in blue, sandy, or liver colors, either solid or with tan markings, which tend to lighten as the dog matures. The wedge-shaped head, sparkling eyes, and somewhat Greyhound-like body construction give it a distinctive appearance. Despite its meek demeanor on the couch, the Bedlington is an argumentative terrier when roused. Its front legs are positioned closer at the feet than at the elbows, allowing for quick turns and pivots when chasing quarry at high speeds. The 'mincing' gait at a trot is a characteristic feature, showcasing the breed's agility. Grooming includes leaving large patches of fur on the head and ears, a historic adaptation to protect against rats' clawing during hunting.


United Kingdom


Originally known as the Rothbury Terrier, this breed's roots trace back to the Rothbury Forest near the Scottish border, where gypsies bred them to chase small game, especially squirrels, as they followed caravan trails. The Bedlington Terrier, first showcased in Bedlington in 1870, likely descended from the Rothbury Terrier. Unlike other terriers, the Bedlington's quarry, including hares and rabbits, lived above ground, emphasizing the need for a galloping or coursing breed. In its history, the Bedlington Terrier was even used for dog fighting. The formation of the first Bedlington Terrier club occurred in 1877, marking a milestone in the breed's recognition and preservation.

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