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Alternative Names

French Shorthaired Shepherd, Beauce Shepherd, Berger de Beauce Bas Rouge (Red Stocking) (Berger de Beauce)

Basic Information

The Beauceron, also known as the Berger de Beauce, the Bas Rouge, or the French Shorthaired Shepherd, is a distinguished herding dog breed hailing from France. Standing between 24 to 27.5 inches (61-70 cm) and weighing 66 to 85 pounds (30-38.5 kg), this muscular and energetic breed showcases a standard coloring of black and tan, black, or harlequin. The breed standard now prohibits other once-prevalent colors such as tawny, grey, and grey/black. Their coat is short, close, and smooth, with a slight fringe on the legs, tail, and flanks.


Renowned for their intelligence, calm demeanor, and friendliness, Beaucerons are notably protective of children. This breed is known for its versatility, excelling both inside and outside the house. While they can be trained for specific tasks, such as protection, a Beauceron acquired from reputable breeders is generally friendly and maintains a youthful spirit. The breed's adaptability to weather changes is remarkable, and they often retain a playful, puppy-like mentality even into their adult years. Beaucerons have a relatively long lifespan, with some reaching up to 14 years, showcasing their robust nature.




Despite regional names suggesting otherwise, the Beauceron's true origin is not Beauce but Brie. This breed, distinct in appearance, shares ancestral stock with the Briard, which claimed the regional name first. Both breeds, though visually different, have common roots and a shared history, contributing to the Beauceron's unique heritage in the world of herding dogs.

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